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'Crafting "Gay" Children: An Inquiry Into the Abuse of Vulnerable Youth via Government Schooling & Mainstream Media' by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. Author, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, A Work in Progress c ® 10/00 by Judith A. Reisman 8/7/01 - The Institute for Media Education, Crestwood, KY. 1 800 837 0544


An Inquiry Into the Abuse of
Vulnerable Youth via Government
Schooling & Mainstream Media [1]


        The preliminary report released July 2000 by a special National Incidence
Based Reporting System (NIBRS), "Sexual Assault of Young Children as Report- ed to Law Enforcement" states that most of the sex crimes reported to police are committed against children under age 18. This defenseless population has heretofore been systematically purged from all US Department of Justice Sta- tistical collections on sex crimes. The NIBRS states:

        Until recently, [t]he only existing national data collection effort that explor- ed the incidence of sexual assault ignored crimes against young victims. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) [reported rape] involving victims ages 12 or above.  [Ignoring largely child-related abuse] such as forcible sodomy, sexual assault with an object, and forcible fondling.

        Over two-thirds (67%) of all victims of sexual assault reported to law en- forcement agencies, were juveniles under the age of 18 - 33% were ages 12 through 17 and 34% were under age 12. In each sexual assault category ex- cept forcible rape, children below the age of 12 were about half of all victims. [168]

Fig. 4: BOYS

        The report cites 26% of sex assault victims under 12 as boys, commonly
sexually abused by men, sometimes with a female accomplice. [169] While the DoJ chart to the left graphically suggests roughly a 20% female offender rate the report shows women as 12% of offenders of children under 6. [170] Older juveniles also offend against boys and girls. The key age of sex abuse of boys was 4 years old.

      "Based on the NIBRS data, the year in a male's life when he is most likely
to be the victim of a sexual assault is age 4." By age 17 his risk of victimization has been cut by a factor of 5. [U]nder age 12, [boys reported] sexual assault with an object (19%), forcible fondling (26%), and forcible sodomy (64%)[Fig. 3][171]

        As above, sexual violence is well-documented among adult bi/homosexual
males, and now the DoJ data find the smallest of boys are so victimized. What percentage of homosexuals who use boy prostitutes engage in such violence? The Reisman & Johnson Report documents a systematic use of "sexy" boys as film themes - such as advertised in the July 8, 1986 Advocate left - and con- tinuing in the "coming out" films which may be said to dominate "gay" cinema, dramatizing boys as sexual objects for men.

        For example, despite decades of promising they would never reach out to
the vulnerable teen population for recruits, The Advocate cover story centers on Adam Nobel who discovered "he was gay when he was just 11 years old." (39) A quick look at that October 10, 2000 Advocate finds "arts & entertainment" reviews cheering a Broadway play in which their hero "has a soft spot in his heart for paroled convicts and choirboys"(:61); a film where "[s]eventeen-year old Justin" is involved with an older "gay lothario," based on a English film Queer as Folk, glamorizing 15-year-old Nathan's adventures with gay men. Another sexually "absorbing film" is Coming Out, " focusing on the love affair between teenage Mattias and 20-something Phillip, who has commitment issues." (67)

        As evidential as it would be to quantify pedophilia in the mainstream gay
cinema, that study would be doomed in our current sexual climate. Today's NLGJA -influenced press almost certainly would have silenced the 1984 infor- mation released by "The New York Times," "Officials Cite a Rise in Killers Who Roam U.S. for Victims." For, alongside a profile of the male killers of women and girls, the in-depth article noted the high percentage of violent homosexu- als among the offenders. The NY Times reported. "Many of the most violent recent multiple murders have been committed by homosexual males."

        Examples include John Wayne Gacy [172](sexual mutilation of 33 young boys), William Bonin and two male accomplices (torture of 14 young men), Bruce Davis (28 men and boys), Dean Corill ("dozens" of victims), Randy Steven Kraft (perhaps 16 vic- tims), Charles Hatcher (16 men and boys) and Patrick Wayne Kearney (18 men and boys)[173] At the time, FBI officials reported the homosexual killers were motiva- ted "by a sense of shame after having sexual relations with their victims." [174]

        Again, this is not an attempt to turn the "guilt by association" tactics of gay
revolutionaries on them - it would be defamatory to imply that homosexuals in general are the moral equivalent of serial killers. Nonetheless, the evidence finds a disproportionately high rate of violent sex crimes among male bi/homo- sexuals. Rather than debate and discuss the reasons why, homosexual revo- lutionaries and the NLGJA press seem more concerned about hiding any fact- ual, causal, reports that might bring truth to the surface.


"Gay Men View These Boys
As Recreational Toys:"

        The post-Kinsey era and the rise of homosexuality has brought an expo- nential increase in both heterosexual and homosexual child pornography and prostitution. Adult sex with "consenting" minors is still statutory rape. Yet, the March 1992 Advocate magazine cover story blames boy victims, not their adult male victimizers, for AIDS saying; "Teen Sex: They're Doing it - And AIDS Is Killing Them By the Thousands." [175]


        In 1972, "43 percent of [runaways in New York City] them - between the age
of eleven and fourteen!" [176] Recall, Robin Lloyd documented the press sup- pression of homosexual abuse and murder of boys in his expose of boy pros- titution.

        Boy prostitution is now surfacing with the growing acceptance of homo- sexuality [177] "some New York City high schools students ran prostitution rings [178] [while]street pimps recruit and train[boy] runaways."[179]

        Introducing Lloyd's book, Senator Birch Bayh, (D-IN), liberal former Chair- man of the US Senate Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency, con- firmed that Lloyd's data were "frightening in its accuracy," [180] about "a hitherto undiscussed facet of the homosexual world." [181] Says Lloyd:

        Perhaps half of the million runaway boys in this country (aged 10 to 16) are
peddling their bodies to "chicken hawks" - older men who lust for "chicken
(boys)" [182] There are tightly run organizations - geared to provide wealthy cli- ents with both pornography and boys - their boys will entertain movie stars, prominent athletes politicians, and in some cases, heads of state. [183]


        Lloyd's observation that "Boy prostitutes in Times Square outnumber fe- male hookers five to one" gives pause.  At 1-2 million "gay" men, (under 2% of the 90 million over 18-male population), [184] 500,000 yields one boy victim for roughly every other homosexual male. Recall that this does not count abuse (earlier noted at roughly 130,000 child victims over age 12 annually) and seduction in the non- prostitute (normal) boy population. Although few homosexual killings (to date) ri- val Jeffrey Dahmer's gruesome cannibalization of 17 boys, [185] Lloyd cites the Houston mass murders of at least twenty-seven boys out of three hundred mo- lested by "a homosexual trio of sadists." Lloyd was concerned that press cov- erage of these rape-murders "would set the gay community back about ten years." [186] But, while Kinsey's fraudulent data ("10%" of the population is homosexu- al) are continuously reprinted, the Houston murders and other sadistic boy sex killings are steadfastly buried and forgotten.

        As noted earlier, while the homosexual press often reports adult inter-gay
murders, both they and the establishment press avoid covering homosexual assaults and murders of boys - like Jesse Dirkhising. Lloyd points out that, short of murder, parents commonly don't prosecute homosexual abusers, fearing "the publicity," [187] while police often finesse important or affluent pre- dators out of town. [188]

        Having obtained endorsements from leaders in the homosexual move- ment, [189] Lloyd still exposes some homosexual child sex rings. Boise, Idaho "sheltered a widespread homosexual underworld that had preyed on hundreds of teen-age boys." [190] A Wisconsin town quietly suppressed, "a homosexual ring" of about thirty-five closeted men, including prestigious leaders such as a College Dean, a hospital president, a Roman Catholic priest, several physi- cians, a man "hired to teach at a school for mentally retarded children," etc. [191] The "homosexual ring had enticed and contaminated many small boys as young as eight years old" into sex, with liquor and pornography. [192] Investiga- tor Clifford Lindecker, confirms Lloyd's findings of brutal and "respectable" pederasts fueling a flourishing traffic in boy prostitution.

        Boy prostitution is growing and becoming more obvious as homosexuals
come out of the closets and form gay rights groups and police power is wat- ered down by court decisions friendlier to civil rights than to law enforcement and protection of the public. [B]oys learn that they can earn good money doing something they and their friends have come to accept as normal behavior. [193]


        After admitting, "sex abuse in childhood as a cause of male prostitution
has become almost conventional wisdom," and that, "the perpetrators are near- ly always men," homophile Donald West, in Male Prostitution protests that while his study of male prostitutes found high rates of child sexual abuse, he felt there was a high rate of consent. [194]

        Prior to M&K, the bi/homosexual movement was much more candid about
pederasty and their articles, illustrations, and advertisements reflect that. The artist for the mainstream gay publication, "The Advocate" created the boy image above left, "this playful character," as "The Advocate's" "unofficial mas- cot" for years. However, while the "mascot" is the innocent, undeveloped face of a boy roughly 10-years-old, his face has been presented upright by this au- thor since the "mascot's" face has been drawn onto a superman's macho-male adult body - (a common girl-woman technique found as well in heterosexual pornography).  Below left is the young boy "mascot,"(reduced here to 1/3 its size), as he is presen- ted rump-up, offering more than just a suggestion of "consensual" sexual use
to hundreds of thousands of avid adult Advocate male viewers. Addressing boy prostitution, West says:

      "Gay Search comments on the fact that children are often given presents
after cooperating with an abuser and writes: 'it is easy to see how being
rewarded for sexual favors can lead' very naturally to prostitution'[195]"
      "Boyer (1989) has argued that the culture of gay bars and meeting places,
often referred to as a sexual market place (Read, 1980) by its emphasis on casual encounters and sexual conquest, holds out to young gays the expectation of patronage by older males and presents prostitution as a more or less normal aspect of the gay scene."[196]

        Lloyd reports yet another "gay" child pornography case where a group of
boys seeking "counseling" from a junior high "science teacher," were recruited into sodomy and pornography. [197] One Los Angeles schoolteacher brought "groups of boys aged seven through thirteen across the border every three months." [198] And West's analysis confirms common knowledge about the bru- tality innate to prostitution and homosexuality:

        Many sexual assaults happening in later years were described during the
interviews - forced by clients and their accomplices to submit to unwanted, painful or damaging sexual acts. [J]ust as many men reported assaults in the course of sexual contacts unconnected with prostitution - the risk is to an ex- tent inherent in some gay male lifestyles. [199]

      "Mainstream" gay activists furiously deny any and all attempts to link homo- sexuality with sexual abuse or violence to children, and understandably so. No group would want to be on the receiving end of the "guilt by association" tac- tics advocated by M&K. While this article does not suggest that all homosexu- als are child molesters - a terrible accusation - there is overwhelming evidence that "mainstream" gay activists and publications promote pedophilia (sex be- tween adults and children of the same sex). In all fairness, heterosexual pornograph- ers have engaged in similar tactics (see the Reisman report on Images of Children, Crime and Violence in "Playboy," "Penthouse" and "Hustler," 1989).  However, bi/homo- sexual activists present a public face that is far different from its private face.

        The Boy Scout, above right, is the official mascot embellishing 'The Queens' Vernacular,' compiled by language anthropologist and homophile,
Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular is fully identified as the key diction- ary to classify the language of the homosexual movement. [200] That 254 of the 12,000 words and phrases in The Queens' Vernacular refer to sex with boys (chicken, ready to crack, pluck some feathers, chicken dinner, butchered chicken, etc.) is objectively clear from the definition of "boy scout:" as "boy-scout queen: (sexu- ally experimenting boy scouts who fear giving a response) one who pretends to snooze as he is fu-ked or su-ked off," [201][word ellipses inserted by author],


        Ratio is 5:1 AIDS Boys to Girls: The toxicity of "gay male lifestyles" and ho- mosexual versus heterosexual child abuse is indicated by a [5:1] ratio of boy-to- girl AIDS victims. As is documented in the Reisman & Johnson Report, by 1991 the CDC identified 7,166 boys and 1,537 girls (also infected by bi/homosexual boy- friends) dying of AIDS. [202] Where are the thousands of child sex murder convic- tions for the men who fatally infected these boys and girls or the outcry from establishment media on behalf of these children? Instead of prosecution, schools provide carte blanche to predators by implying that boys with AIDS were "gay" from childhood. By labeling boy AIDS victims "consenting gays," homosexual spokesmen "blame the victims," blaming the child's own murder upon the young "initiate."


        One famous homosexual advertisement reads: "Are you a man who has
sex with men? If so, you should know that 1 in 5 of your prospective partners could be infected with AIDS." [203] As discussed earlier, homosexual men are documented as stunningly promiscuous with "43 percent" admitting to sex with over 500. [204] This "1 in 5" chance of dying from AIDS is therefore 100%
fatal for most children socialized into homosexual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Questioning, etc., Youth school clubs. And, too many of these children will join what appears to them at the time to be the financially rewarding "profession" of prostitution.

        Why do no investigative reporters find out "who are the men who gave 7,166 boys and 1,537 girls AIDS in 1991 and thousands more since?" That is mass murder. No bi/homosexual press, no "gay" leader or organization has
demanded a moratorium on the activities of adult gay lecturers, "advisors," "guides" and "coaches" in the schools in the wake of the disease and deaths associated with bi/homosexual sex. None have called for capture and punish- ment of the adult child sex abusers/murders. Even Gebe Kruks, a homosexual leader who protested these violations does not call for the arrests of the child- ren's killers.  Kruks wrote:

      "Gay boys...having sex for money, shelter, love - they are at risk...Gay men view these boys as recreational toys to be used. I have heard many stories of HIV-positive men having unprotected sex with boys. They don't think it mat- ters." [205]


        To hide the fact that 84% of AIDS children appear to be infected by bi/ho- mosexuals, the "World AIDS Day" artfully reports "16% of adolescents with AIDS, aged 13 through 19 have been infected through heterosexual contact." [206] The current dearth of data on causation of pediatric AIDS illustrates the deliberate censorship of politically incorrect research. Dr. George Rekers of the Department of Neuropsychiatry at the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine, confirmed Dr. Lorraine Day's observations regarding the difficulties -
indeed rejections - encountered by researchers who seek funding or publica- tion if their results are unacceptable to homosexual and politically-correct au- thorities. [207]

        Perhaps the most cynical of the anti-child state science activities has been
governmental veto of research, which located child sexual abuse as causal in pediatric AIDS. One respected researcher's preliminary government-funded studies found, [14.6% of children with AIDS had]

        "been sexually-abused. Transmission by child sexual abuse was the most frequent of the proven modes of acquisition of HIV in this population" "Twelve males were identified (n=8) or suspected(n=4)of being perpetrators." [208]

        The research team's funding requests to continue pediatric AIDS studies
were rejected and this area of inquiry at least temporarily abandoned, arguably due to the politically-correct atmosphere.

Fig. 6: A MINIMUM OF 59%

"HIV Transmission Routes
in Adolescents Aged 13-21
in the United States"

0 Male Homosexuals/bisexual males 51%

0 Transfusion recipients 22%

Male homosexual intravenous drug users 8%

Heterosexuals 8%

Intravenous drug users 6%

Other 5%

      "(These statistics are taken from the study "AIDS Among Adolescents," published in the October 1990 issue of the "American Journal of Diseases of Children")"

        The Advocate included this table, (Fig. 6), identifying at least 59% of ado-
lescents with AIDS directly infected by adult bi/homosexuals. It is reprinted here verbatim. [209] Said The Advocate:

        "Now in the big cities, if you have sex with two [gay]men, you have a 50%
chance of ******* someone who is HIV-positive." [210]

        Since homosexual activity allegedly starts younger than in the past - at
about age 15 [211] or younger [212] - "advisors" lure boys into "coming out" ("the most important rite of passage in gay life") [213] to pandemic venereal diseases and death for at least 25% of these sexually adventurous boys in approximately 5 years.


        If children are more at risk of sexual disease and prostitution from homo- sexuals than heterosexuals, are they more at risk from sexual violence as well? West already addressed the violence experienced by boys in prostitution, but in their frank but empathetic book, 'Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them,' homosexual activists, Island and Letellier document inter-gay battery as a pri-  mary homosexual health problem after 1) AIDS (males), Cancer (females) and 2) drug abuse. They write:

        "It is 'likely' the incidence of domestic violence among gay men is nearly
double that in the heterosexual population - as many as 650,000 gay men may be victims of domestic violence each year" [214] - "50 percent of gay male coup- les" [215] "We believe [heterosexual domestic abuse] is closer to 20%..." [216] "[D]omes- tic violence is acknowledged, talked about, and dealt with more in straight re- lationships than in gay male relationships." [217]

        The Advocate reports that at minimum:

º 75% of its readers admit to engaging in violent sex.

º 20% engaged in sadistic "bondage and discipline."

º 55% engaged in other sex acts using painful objects. [218]

        Compared to heterosexual distrust or dislike, the rare assault inflicted on
someone at a bar, and the singular although horrible aberrant murder - it is
fair to say that the on-going, most significant "hate crimes" against homosex-
uals are, as Kirk and Madsen noted, inflicted by homosexuals. [219]

      [In 1987] the San Francisco police responded to no fewer than 100 calls per month for gay and lesbian domestic violence [T]here are thousands upon thou- sands of victims of gay men's domestic violence in the United States each month.  [220]

        In 1981 the homosexual press reported that about 10% of San Francisco's
homicides resulted from homosexual sado-masochistic abuse. [221] Hiding
these facts from the public allows the use of the classroom to seduce children into a homosexual life of violence and sadism and too many into the trade in youthful prostitution and pornography. But, is there research on teachers as predators?


Survivors of Educator
Abuse Emerge (SESAME):

        Yes, some. The "Helping Hands" and GLASS expose`s allowed a rare peek into the inner workings of predatory, revolutionary teachers and counselors.  On the evidence, pedophiles and pederasts, independently and organization- ally, seek out jobs or volunteer where they can have access to children. Unfor- tunately an unknown percentage of adult child abusers are music, sports, coaches and teachers, [222] as in the largely covered-up GLASS criminal convic- tions. The pederast magazine "Palavar" warns molesters of how to avoid arrest while obtaining children.

      "[L]ook for employment...If you want to spend all your time with children
you must have a legitimate reason for doing so; as a teacher helping children a social worker helping children in difficulties; as a play or youth lead- er helping children to enjoy their leisure time...child care, youth work, teaching... charity and voluntary organizations catering for the needs of children; there is the Free School movement; children's rights' and various alternative life-style projects...We believe that a paedophile relationship is no less legitimate and no more potentially harmful to a child than a normal parental relationship."[223]


        With today's opportunities to bring sex into the classroom, responsible adults are obliged to question what number of those adults "helping" children on sexuality issues are likely pedophiles, pederasts or their naive supporters.  We now know Kinsey, for example, "was deeply influenced by five paedophile headmasters who were quite clear they had very warm relationships with young adolescent boys of twelve or thirteen" in one New England area. [224]

        Particularly as obscenity and pornography seduce and habituate - even well-educated men and women, via the introduction of pornography in home, schools and library Internet connections, vulnerable boys and girls are in- creasingly at risk from a growing molester constituency. [225] Just in the last few years the NIH luminary and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Carleton Gadjusek; Ameri- can University President, Dr. Richard Berendzen; and American University  psychology department head, Elliot McGinnies were convicted of pedophile associated felonies. [226] Degrees in higher education no longer appear to re- strain predatory pedophiles.



        focuses attention on sexual predators among a toxic subset of the teach- ing population. SESAME reports that the Journal of Education Research (1991)
finds in its "Survey of high school graduates - 13.5% of those surveyed said they had engaged in sexual intercourse with a teacher." [227]


        In yet another survey reported by SESAME, "The best estimate is that 15% of students will be sexually abused by a member of the school staff during their school career." [228]"Criminal convictions of Ontario teachers in 1996-97 in- volves enough victims to fill an entire classroom." [229] And, "Many abusers are in positions of power or trust in relation to their victims which makes it easier
to overcome a child's resistance."[230] Homosexual "volunteers" in schools and at the "Gay and Lesbian and Bisexual and Transgendered" youth clubs to "aid" children need to be seen in concert with old fashioned wariness about "bache- lors," in general and homosexual bachelors in particular, especially consider- ing the damaging reports from GLASS and SESAME regarding sexual preda- tors using classrooms to access a pool of child victims.

        Post Kinsey's sexual revolution, school - and public libraries - have in- creasingly housed predatory authorities - women and men - dangerous to girls and boys. [231] One of the ways these predators harm children, has been their provision of pornography via the library Internet connection.  In fact, June 5, 2000, an e-mail on the rape-torture and murder of 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley was delivered to the American Library Association's "Office for Intellectual Freedom List." Stuart Shepard, wrote that the boy's killers "stopped at the Bos- ton Public Library, where Charlie Jaynes [one of the boy's killers] accessed the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) Web site." The "Miami Herald" reported a police Internet hunt for child molesters.

        The Internet is a new playground for pedophiles - "We've arrested firemen,
lawyers, judges, teachers, coaches, cops  you name it." The task force arrested a prominent lawyer and former judge - [who planned to start] a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy. [232]


        The American Library Association (ALA) and our public libraries, as the support system for our schools, may be contributing as much as the school- room to the recruitment of children into sexual promiscuity and deviance. The court will decide, as in the case of the murdered Jeffrey Curley, if the ALA and American libraries are contributing also to both child rape and murder.

        As a member of The Media Coalition, the ALA commonly acts as a friend
of pornographers in court cases such as New York v. Ferber (458 U.S. 103, 1982). The ALA argued for Ferber, the right of parents and guardians to use, coerce
or force their children - of all ages - to be filmed in "Sexual Conduct," hetero- sexual, homosexual and bestial. The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Ferber as legalizing child sexual abuse for profit, that abuse defined as:

      "actual or simulated sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse, sexual
bestiality, masturbation, sadomasochistic abuse or lewd exhibition of the geni- tals."[233]

        The ALA in San Francisco allowed its rooms to be used by NAMBLA as a
meeting place and in 1994, American Library Association v. Reno, (No. 92-5271, slip op. at 28), the ALA was repudiated in its defense of child pornographers by the United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia. The use of its prestige to aid pederasts and child pornographers suggests the ALA's commitment to a historically "anti-American" cultural standard - adult sexual assault of children.

        While some librarians attempt to remain independent from ALA policies,
ALA authority is manifested in the stock of radical books, periodicals and jour- nals promoting most leftist policies, including that of gay/lesbian "rights," etc., as well as in the exclusion of conservative titles from library shelves. [234] The ALA's anti-American control of our public libraries and librarians is impressive- ly demonstrated by the union's refusal to filter illegal Internet pornography - even from children - in our taxpayer-funded community libraries.


        Camille Paglia, cited earlier, described the tactics of modern gay rights ac-  tivists as "Stalinist" in her book, Vamps and Tramps:

      "I was the only openly gay person at the Yale Graduate School (1968-1972),
a candor that was professionally costly. That anyone with my aggressive and scandalous history could be called 'homophobic,' as has repeatedly been done, shows just how insanely Stalinist gay activism has become."[235]

        Actually, "Nazi" or "fascist" might be more accurate descriptions. The leftist ALA mirrors the National Socialist Hitler Youth groups installed in the nation's schools, over German parental protests. In order to wrest the German youth from their parents' traditional German ways, Adolph Hitler obtained nearly total cooperation from German librarians and teachers. The German "National Soci- alist Teachers Association" recruited schoolboys and girls to serve the new media and Nazi party just as today the gay and lesbian youth groups serve ho- mosexual revolutionaries. Maria Trapp gave evidence of such assaults on Ger- man traditions in her report of the Trapp Family Singers:

      "This morning we were told (by the Nazi's) at the (school) assembly that our
parents are nice, old-fashioned people who don't understand the new Party. We should leave them alone and not bother. We are the hope of the nation, the hope of the world. We should never mention at home what we learn at school."[236]

        Having myself lost hundreds of family members in the Holocaust, the role
of the American Library Association, the National Education Association and other teachers unions is seen as too closely mimicking Nazi history. Hitler's rise to power - which depended on the bullying techniques of the homosexual 'Brown Shirts' - is a critical part of that concern, especially due to the modern, scandalous myth of homosexual victimization by the Nazis. [237]

        This is especially worrying when one examines the successes of radical
librarians and teachers in similarly removing the Ten Commandments from our
schools as they also attack the morals and values of American parents and American tradition. Children's literature analyst, Christa Kamenetsky notes that Germans complained bitterly about the removal of the Ten Commandments from German libraries and schoolrooms and the substitution of coarse and vio- lent stories, which ridiculed parental religious values.

        In order to achieve a total control over the minds of children, the Nazis...en- gaged thousands of censors, drafted mainly from the members of the National Socialist Teachers Association and the Reich Youth Leadership organization, [238] who would systematically screen every book that was published, sold, loaned, purchased, circulated, or discussed. Through school reforms and a re- organization of libraries throughout the nation they further institutionalized censorship measures that would separate the books they preferred from those that were to be discarded...they hoped to reach their the decades to come...the Nazi's made children's books into the means toward another end that would perpetuate the power of the Third Reich both at the time and in the future. [239]

        The current "politically correct" schoolrooms, removing traditional Ameri-  can beliefs and substituting sexual and anti-religious themes, are a replay of the German librarians and the National Socialist Teachers Association, on the level of morality and sexuality. World War II would not have been possible, but for the role of the Nazi librarians and the German National Socialist Teachers Association in the mass recruitment and programming of German youth, wrest- ing them from the religious traditions of their parents and using government schools to propagandize the values of the new authorities.

      [When] the German Student Association remove[d] all "un-German" books
from the libraries, the public did not feel altered to systems of control that soon would permeate all spheres of German cultural and political life. [240]

        So too we are seeing new "systems of control" establishing "hate speech"
that disallows criticism of bi/homosexual recruitment, while committing porno- graphic pedagogical sexual assaults on school children in our schools and li- braries. Kinsey's fraudulent cultural and sexual data helped grant elite, "educa- ted" pedagogues undeserved power. Once "uneducated" parents lost local control of their children's education, we saw the failure of our nation's public schools and subsequently the failure of our nation's children by every measur- able criterion of health and well-being, from scholarship to sexually violent criminality. Unless librarians and teachers are returned to their proper roles as working under the authority of parents and accountable as such to American parents and society, we may anticipate continued and growing youthful disa- bility and violence.



        The Reisman & Johnson Study: Partner Solicitation Language as a Reflec- tion of Male Sexual Orientation (1988-1992) examined the claim that "gay men lead daily lives that are basically similar to those of heterosexual men." [241]

        The study, conducted by this author and statistician, Charles B. Johnson,
Ph.D., (1995), sought, via an analysis of the personal advertisements of two male partner-seeking populations - one homosexual (The Advocate) and one hetero- sexual (The Washingtonian) - to determine if these two male populations supported the increasingly popular view that "The sex and love lives of most gay and straights today are both similar and conventional." [242]

        The Reisman & Johnson data are verifiable, via most large public libraries
that carry these mainstream magazines. The study found the sample of homo- sexual bachelors wholly different from that of heterosexual bachelors in their partner-seeking conduct.  Below is a summary of five key research findings comparing upscale, liberal, largely white, educated Advocate bi-homosexual bachelors to upscale, liberal, largely white, educated Washingtonian hetero- sexual bachelors.

º 86% of Washingtonians versus 2% of
sought/offered time commitment;

º 49% of Washingtonians versus 3% of Advocates
sought/offered non-sexual interests;

º 5% of Washingtonians versus 63% of Advocates
sought/offered prostitution;

º 0.41% of Washingtonians vs.  25% of Advocates
sought/offered sexual sadism;

º 0.45% of Washingtonians versus 15% of Advocates
sought/offered adult-teen sex.

        These findings show dramatic "orientation" differences on all critical vari- ables not statistically attributable to "chance," all of which report, statistically,
a homosexual lifestyle of compulsive and sadistic promiscuity, disinclined to commitment and inclined to prostitution and the sexual abuse of minors at best. In fact, even Kirk and Madsen bemoaned, "There is more promiscuity among gays (or at least among gay men) than among straights." [243] Moreover, de- spite their focus on finding sex partners, the Advocate carried no major con- dom advertisements, nor did their In Search Of (ISO) advertisers express any condom requirements for sexual partners.


        Tom Reeves, who had come out as a boy-lover [sic] a year earlier, said "over five hundred men had spoken with him since then and who are they? Al- most to a man they are teachers and Boy Scout leaders and boys' club leaders!" Story about Tom Reeves, NAMBLA Founder. [244]

        Why is Kinsey's role as the father of sex "science" important to any debate
about homosexual and sex education in the schools? The mandate to teach bi- /-homosexual and heterosexual experimentation as legitimate for children and youths originated with Kinsey's data which formulated a revolutionary belief in child and juvenile sexual need and entitlement. (Kinsey's fraudulently-created sexual- ity canon and the false experts who emerged from that canon, should have been the under- pinning of the Dale vs. Boy Scouts lawsuit).

        Justification for teaching about sex acts to children is based on the unveri- fied claim that children are sexual from birth and that juveniles are not able to  be self-governing because hormones are "raging" - leading most youths, natur- ally, to sexual activity and AIDS. This requires, argue the sex "experts," graphic sex instruction from allegedly older, wiser teachers or "guides" on sexual tech- niques and related issues. Since the teaching of Kinseyan sex knowledge be- gan, sexual disease and dysfunction among adults and juveniles are rampant and show no sign of abating.

        Fallout from child abuse is seen not only in resulting bi/homosexuality, misogyny, sexual sadism and/or other disorders, but also in the growing num- ber of deadly sexually-transmitted diseases and the noxious influence of the homosexual lobby upon the pediatric community.

        Homosexual fallout...reaches into every baby's crib in the United States. Delicate infant constitutions are universally at risk from federally-mandated vaccinations to "protect" them from Hepatitis B, historically known as a homo- sexual STD. [245] Many such mandated promiscuous, "life style" vaccines for tiny developing infants and children wait in the wings. Why are we putting our entire child population at risk of mortal and chronic pathologies - in order to make them immune from venereal diseases that are endemic to female prosti- tutes or the sexually promiscuous "homosexual culture"?

        Pedophile organizations that work to legalize adult sexual abuse of teen- agers and children have long campaigned for such a universal sexuality vac- cination program. The proposal is seen in documents such as, "A Child's Sexual Bill of Rights." This charter, distributed in our own university system to students studying human sexuality, calls for "aids to prevent venereal disease" as a prerequisite for legalizing adult, including parental, sexual abuse of child- ren. The "Child's Sexual Bill of Rights," would legalize sex: with a parent, sib- ling or other responsible adult or child, protected and aided with contracep- tives and aids to prevent venereal disease. [246]

        Vaccinated child prostitutes could certainly survive (and therefore work) a bit longer than unvaccinated children. It is critical to make known the causes for homosexuality, to aid its burdened victims, and to speed an end [to] the spread of sexual diseases and other related disorders.  This material is newsworthy, if only to protect our children from becoming involuntary guinea pigs for a cock- tail of promiscuous sexual "life style" vaccines which endanger their lives in a myriad of physical and emotional ways and which serve only to protect their future victimizers.

        A return to a healthful path is a difficult one indeed, following the isolation
of youngsters from friends and family and their dependence upon the mem- bers of their new warmly-welcoming, exciting and adventurous homosexual adult and youth groups for confirmation of self, belonging and "visibility." There are however, several hundred homosexual recovery organizations na- tionwide.  As with the alcohol recovery movement, which was disparaged for decades until proof of success slowly emerged, there are increasing reports and personal testimonies of restoration. [247]

        Richard Cohen, author of 'Alfie's Home,' a children's book about Cohen's
own life, his early sexual assault by an uncle, his subsequent recovery from the trauma and his marriage and family, has one such organization, The Inter- national Healing Foundation, PO Box 901, Bowie, Maryland, 90718. Recovery agencies are extremely active, despite the attempts by homosexual leaders and establishment media demanding that all homosexuals abandon any hope that they can marry, love safely, faithfully and joyously and live a productive, exciting life, raising a traditional family, enriched by their children and grand- children.

        The public should be aware of the vigilant efforts to negotiate a child's
"coming out" as well as the special interests of the sex industry in increasing children's entry into pornography and prostitution. Adult society is responsible for being sufficiently mature to protect our young. Our individual and societal self indulgence and failure is therefore visible everywhere. No blame is due any child in this tragic process. The "coaches," guilty of alleged "consensual" child abuse, should be located, arrested and prosecuted to the full limit of the law.  And, as there is, on the evidence, a definite connection between homosexuality and the myriad pathologies, including pedophilia, schools and youth organiza- tions should be legally liable for allowing bi/homosexuals any authority or influ- ence over children.  This is a sure way to severely limit the traffic in child porn- ography and prostitution.

        This essay is dedicated to those children burdened as bi/homosexual initi- ates.  Wherever possible, these children should be peacefully reunited with their estranged families. Where that is not possible until age 18, these troubled youths should be placed into monitored protective custody in a secure, asex- ual environment, safe from sexual predators of any "orientation," where they may spiritually, intellectually and physically recover. Summarizing the danger to these "United" States inherent in the separating of children into sexual "ori- entations" is a warning bequeathed to us by the Father of Our Country, General George Washington:

       "But as it is easy to foresee, that from different causes and from different
quarters, much pains will be taken, many artifices employed to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth [that we must not permit] - the attempt to alienate any portion of our Country from the rest, or to enfeeble the sacred ties which now link together the various parts." - GEORGE WASHINGTON [Former President - in his "Farewell Address" (1796)]