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'Crafting "Gay" Children: An Inquiry Into the Abuse of Vulnerable Youth via Government Schooling & Mainstream Media' by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. Author, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, A Work in Progress c ® 10/00 by Judith A. Reisman 8/7/01 - The Institute for Media Education, Crestwood, KY. 1 800 837 0544


An Inquiry Into the Abuse of
Vulnerable Youth via Government
Schooling & Mainstream Media[1]



        In their FBI Report on "Child Pornography and Sex Rings," Lanning and Burgess (1984) regard "one in six" sexually abused boys as underreported:

        The numbers for male victimization are more hidden, perhaps because boys are reluctant to admit to being victimized. However, clinical data are in- creasingly suggesting that boys may be at equal risk for sexual victimization, since they are the preferred target of habitual pedophiles and victims of child sex rings. [81]

        In their comparison study of "The Advocate," (the premier homosexual period- ical) and "The Washingtonian,"(a preeminent "heterosexual" periodical) with equiva- lent reader demographics (liberal, affluent, largely white, educated, etc.) Reisman & Johnson [82] analyzed male heterosexual versus male homosexual information about pedophilia in the "In Search Of" advertisements and attendant research:

º 0.45% "Washingtonian" heterosexual bachelors (n=2,885)
"in search of/offer" man-girl sex.

º 15% Advocate homosexual bachelors (n=7,407)
"in search of/offer" man-boy sex.

º 49% "Gay" male biographies (n=166)
reporting sex with boys. [83]

º 41% "Gay" travel in foreign countries (n=139)
rating laws on sex with boys. [84]

Fig 1: ABEL'S

º 21% of Advocate readers (n=2,500) reporting
adult molestation before age 15. [85]

º 73% of  "gay" men reporting
sex with boys 16-19 or younger. [86]

º 100 boys a year, plus, reporting
molestation by a Boy Scout Leader.

º 150 boy homosexual victims versus 20 girl
heterosexual victims per child molester (Abel, see left).

º 153 homosexual offenders
assaulting 22,981 boys (Abel, see left).

º 224 heterosexual offenders
assaulting 4,435 girls (Abel, see left).

º 150 boy versus 20 girl
victims per child molester

        The rate of homosexual versus heterosexual child sexual abuse is stag- gering. Psychologist, Eugene Abel's data of 150.2 boys abused per male ho- mosexual offender finds no equal (yet) in heterosexual violations of 19.8 girls. [88] Said Abel, "homosexuals sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater that the molestation of girls...[N]onincarce- rated child molesters admitted to from 23.4 to 281.7 acts per offender...whose targets were males" (ABEL et.  al., at 32-50. 44, 48). [89]

        These data are fully supported by pre-Kirk and Madsen homosexual poli- tical writings, in Karla Jay and Allen Young's homophile works, 'Out of the Closets' (1972) and 'The Gay Report'(1979). The former published several "Gay Manifestos," which boldly demand elimination of the age of consent by argu- ing, "[K]ids can take care of themselves, and are sexual beings way earlier than we'd like to admit - nice bodies and young bodies are attributes, they're groovy." [90]

        Jay and Young's finding of 50 to 73 percent of homosexual males self-re- porting sex with boys [91] (even "Advocate" readers admitted to a 21 percent molestation rate by age 15), is much higher then the one in six or seven boys child protection data estimates as boy abuse by bi/homosexual males.


        Figure 2: Here, the 1991, US Population, Statistical Abstracts data are com- pared to the accepted child sex abuse data (1 in 4 girl victims and 1 in 6-8 boy victims) and accepted estimates of the homosexual and heterosexual populations.

        The homosexual population has been internationally identified in France, England and the USA as between 1% and 3% (in a range of 1.5% to 2%). [92] Hard data confirm international research and law enforcement reports the roughly 2% homosexual population harbors a vast pederast boy abuse subculture. While statistically correct, since 100% of homosexual males do not sexually assault boys, a vast "gay" subset commits multiple, repeated child sex offen- ses. Much child sexual abuse goes unreported and some unsubstantiated. Hence, the following statistics are to be viewed with caution as reflecting the best available current data.


º ~9% of heterosexual men (~86-88 million)
victimize 8 million (25%) girls. [93]

º ~100%+ homosexual men (~2 million)
victimize 6 to 8 million (17% to 24%) boys. [94]

º ~3 to 4.5 boys are victimized
per homosexual male. [95]

º ~1 girl is victimized
per 11 heterosexual males. [96]

º ~50% of white gays had 500 plus, sexual partners,
the rest averaged 100-500. [97]

º ~25% of white homosexuals admitted sex
with boys, "sixteen years old or younger." [98]

º ~50%+ of AIDS victims (n=279) had oral or
anal sex with an adult male by age 16. [99]

º ~20% of AIDS victims (n=279) had sex
with an adult male by age10 (1981-82).

º ~21% Advocate respondents (n=2,500)"were
sexually abused by an adult by age 15." [101]

      "The Advocate" admitted that almost ten thousand vulnerable, lonely boys, discussed later, initiated into homosexual acts - allegedly, via "consensual" so- domy - are now non-consensual AIDS statistics. [102] Due to better medications, says the executive director of an AIDS resource center, "[d]eaths may be down, but infections are not." Why? "Young men think of themselves as immortal" ex- plains another AIDS advisor. Oral sodomy, the standard homosexual act was found to be "the lone risk factor (i.e. likely cause)in 8 percent of HIV infections" while anal sodomy "soared by more than 40 percent" in one year, "1997-98," "800 teen-agers (in many cases an entire high school)will be contracting HIV every year [in Kentucky]."[103] While many would consider the "new" face of AIDS - young boys infecting young girls to be a major problem, by 1989 homosexual leaders saw the problem quite differently.


        The Solution? Institutionalize "Socialization" Techniques: When the public became aware of AIDS, academic homosexual leaders complained that boys now avoided "gay" men. San Francisco State University Sexuality Professor Gilbert Herdt explained that the growing youthful resistance to homosexuality required access to schools, scouts and other child "institutions" in the mid- -1980s. School newspaper ads seeking "gay" youths [104] and proclaiming a battle against gay "suicide," and associated "hate" crimes, began to appear regularly. Herdt explained why homosexual recruitment efforts increased:

        We had not foreseen that gay youth would also have to contend with the new horrors of AIDS, [that] teenage gays and lesbians would shun older gays as role models or even as friends [105][To meet this challenge, said Herdt] only now has gay culture begun to institutionalize "socialization" techniques for the transmission of its cultural knowledge to a younger generation [106][as] local "gay"movements provide their own infrastructural support for the coming out process in teens. [107]

        Speaking of the radical homosexual movement, Douglas Feldman, a medi- cal anthropologist claimed, "these kids are our future and we must invest in them." [108] Yet, he adds that gay and lesbian organizations discourage having "gay" boys tested for HIV. [109] Why? Seldman responded enigmatically, "Teen- agers tend to be very susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases."[110] In any event, Feldman observes, these boys "have about a one in four chance of de- veloping AIDS in approximately 5 years." [111] How to counteract this unfore- seen boyish fear of homosexual sex? Methods for youthful indoctrination were proposed in homosexual meetings, discussions, debates and conferences.  Writes M&K,

      "The goal here has been to forge a little entente or conspiracy with the pow- er elite, to jump ahead of public sentiment or ignore it altogether. Sometimes the tactic works: many executive orders (which sidestep the democratic process) and or- dinances passed by city councils constitute political payoffs by elected officials, whose candidacy the organized gay community has supported. Generally speaking, the most effective propaganda for our cause must succeed in doing three things at once:

º Employ images that desensitize, jam, and/or convert bigots on
an emotional level. This is, by far, the most important task.

º Challenge homo-hating beliefs and actions on an (not too)
intellectual level. Remember, the rational message serves
to camouflage our underlying emotional appeal

º Gain access to the kinds of public media that would automatically
confer legitimacy upon these messages and, therefore, upon their
gay sponsors. To be accepted by the most prestigious media, such
as network TV, our mes- sages themselves will have to be - at least
initially - both subtle in purpose and crafty in construction." [112]

        Methods of socialization into "gay cultural values" "investing" in "these kids" were subsequently developed and implemented. The victim-minority pro- paganda techniques which Marshall and Kirk diagramed in 'After The Ball' were largely followed to facilitate the current sexual access to all American school- children.

      "How To Stop Child Abuse," is one of a series of full-page "fear-based" ad- vertisements designed by Kirk and Madsen to sell the bi/homosexual product to middle America. Propagandizing the false Kinsey data as science, that "one in every ten kids" is gay; the ad poses a forlorn, average young boy of about 13-year-of age. Implicit in the ad language is the threat to parents and boys - this boy can be yours.

        The ad says the boy felt "different" when growing up and, realized he was gay. Then he was abused (thrown out of his home) by his parents and brutally re- jected by his friends. Since most children feel "different," telling children this could mean they are "gay" exploits the viewer's fear, even as it encourages ho- mosexual experimentation and recruitment. [113]

        M&J provide an 8-point "Strategic Evaluation" form to evaluate an ad's suc- cess in overcoming "boyish fears" by vilifying the "straight" world as scoun- drels and smearing "parents - his folks" (not gays) as child abusers. This adver- tisement rates a "Bulls eye" say M&K. For, implicit in the ad, "How To Stop Child Abuse," is the boy's possible suicide - caused by "his folks' " intolerance, of yet another "gay teen." Following is the M & K analysis of the ad:


       "Jamming/Conversion/Desensitization. Build straight sympathy and protec- tiveness toward gays by portraying them as innocent victims of circumstance and bigotry. Teach readers that homosexuality is extremely common. "[Kinsey's fraudulent 10 percent claim]


       "The headline catches the eye, and trades on the perennial public hysteria about child abuse (which is, of course, often blamed on gays). Then the copy turns the tables on straights: by focusing on teens, the ad portrays gays as innocent and vulnerable, victimized and misunderstood, surprisingly numerous and yet not menacing. It also renders the 'anti-family' charge absurd and hypocritical. Bull's eye."

        However, the truth is that the "public hysteria about child abuse" is ground- ed in real sexual violence including sexual violence to boys as recorded throughout this paper. Moreover, on the evidence, comparative heterosexual versus homosexual U.S. population data, as just documented, finds that child abuse should be "often blamed on gays," a population which reports that its strategy of winning youths necessitates "coaching" and "guiding" children into homosexual experimentation. [114]

        Both the reality of predatory gay "counselors" and the bi/homosexual lust for "straight" boys and men, confirmed throughout the homosexual literature and in the Reisman & Johnson Report, received a pithy corroboration from Ca- mille Paglia, whose remarks, again ignored by the mainstream media, address the vulnerability of college youth.

        Paglia is remarkably candid about the lesbian and bi/homosexual need to recruit "straights."

      "Today, when a freshman has an affair with another girl, all the campus so-  cial-welfare machinery pushes her toward declaring herself gay and accepting and 'celebrating' it. This is a serious mistake. [T]he campus counselors who en- courage such premature conclusions should be condemned and banished. They are preying, for their own ideological purposes, on young people at their most vulnerable.
         "It's ridiculous to assert that gay men are interested only in other gay men. When I heard this on TV, I burst out laughing. Sexual tension and appraisal are constants, above all among gay men, who never stop cruising everything in sight. Seduction of straight studs[especially boys] is a highly erotic motif in gay porn."

        Paglia's empirical confirmation is fully recorded in the Reisman & Johnson Report from which is taken the step-by-step article on "How To Seduce a Straight Man" at left, "The Advocate," March 28, 1989, p. 41 ("feign heterosexual interest in his sports activities and such, spend time getting him to trust you, then get him drunk, tell him your sex secrets and") For, these lures are commonly advanced - not only to college freshmen - but to junior high and high school children (see typical recruit- ment ads - at upper left Lasco Newspaper, George Mason Jr-Sr. High, Falls Church City, VA, student paper, March 9, 1992. Above left, The Multnomah County Children & Youth Services Commission, Portland, Oregon), inching down to elementary school, urging "ques- tioning" children to say "YES" to bi/homosexuality.

IN 10"

        Sexuality philosophers like Gilbert Herdt, the editor of "Gay and Lesbian Youth," define adult homosexuals (not "bisexuals") as "coaches" and "guides," who help children overcome their heterosexual victim status by "coming out" into homosexuality. Protected by federal and state law, homosexual "guides" teaching "tolerance," "sexual diversity" and such, frighten susceptible child audiences with Kinsey's "scientific" claim that, "at least one in ten of you are gay." Objectors are labeled "homophobic" fascists. Supporters are rewarded with love, approval and inspiring encouragement to be "gay and proud." [115]

        In an era of pandemic child sexual abuse and pedophile predators, despite the mortality of AIDS - sexual license is regularly proffered in classrooms by allegedly platonic pedagogues, who claim to harbor no libidinous yearnings for their charges. Lesbian teacher, Virginia Uribe began the current practice of recruiting children into homosexuality via the classroom:

      "PROJECT 10 - named after Kinsey's (1948) estimate that 10% of the popula- tion is exclusively homosexual - has become a district-wide and nation-wide forum for lesbian, gay, and bisexual teenagers." [116]

        But, the miseducation and entrapment of children under national pro- grams like "PROJECT 10" continues Kinsey's canon. Fully 38% of the short stories in 'One Teenager in 10,' (the standard, sexually-explicit text commonly given to PROJECT 10 initiates) celebrated child-adult sexual activity. This gay-school text legitimizes child sexual abuse and cites the children as aggressors as in, when "I was twelve [and]my dance teacher brought me out;" [117] I was in "seventh grade" when I moved in with my "32-year-old-lover;"[118] or "I was in "fourth grade" and had sex with "my uncle;"[119] "I'm fifteen," and have sex with "this guy Reggie, who is 23," etc. [120](See part XI on SESAME for data on teacher predators.)

        Camille Paglia assessed Kinsey's fraudulent "one in ten" service to homo- sexual revolutionaries.

      "The 10 percent figure, severely repeated by the media, was pure propagan- da, and it made me, as a scholar, despise gay activists for their unscrupulous disregard for the truth. Their fibs and fabrications continue, now about the still-  fragmentary evidence for a genetic link to homosexuality and for homosexual behavior among animals." [121]

        Further on you will hear a homosexual activist ask "where to get" children for recruitment into homosexuality. He will propose methods to subvert par- ents, who fear their children will be seduced into homosexuality. Various ho- mosexual revolutionaries have found successful methods to obtain youth. Child "initiates" are increasingly recruited via public, private and parochial schools; programs, films, lectures, courses, productions and the like, in state- -sponsored, consciousness-raising programs like the following three.


        In 1991 the AIDS Program Services, New York City Department of Health published and distributed, "A Teenager's Bill Of Rights" to New York school- children. The pamphlet, endorsed by a series of credible state and federal health organizations, tells the readers, "I have the right to decide whether to have sex and who to have it with" (illegal), with no reference to parents, age of consent or statutory rape. The following romantic directions grace an illustra- tion of "How to use a condom." Children should use condoms in:
      "[V]aginal sex (penis into a woman's vagina), oral sex(penis into the mouth) and anal sex (penis into the butt). Use a dental dam or plastic food wrap for oral sex Hold it over her vagina to keep from getting her fluids in your mouth."[122]


        The Minnesota Department of Education in its booklet "Alone No More:
Developing a School Support System for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth," stands on Kinsey's false, "full continuum of sexual orientation." Denying the well-known sexual trauma inherent in the initiation of lonely and isolated child- ren into early sex, and the predictable pattern of emotional trauma and upheav- al, sexual disease and even death from homosexual conduct, the twin myths of condom safety and "informed consent" have become the sex educator's fetish. School personnel are warned that they must adhere to the new sexuality dog- ma or be labeled homophobes, subject to serious disciplinary action. [123]


        Massachusetts trains homosexual initiates via the school system. Depart- ment of Education employees are reported as "describing the pleasures of ho- mosexual sex to a group of high school students at a state-sponsored work- shop, March 25, 2000." Homosexual lecturers described the fun of "fisting," (putting one's fist and arm into another's rectum) in libidinous, pornographic detail. The following is censored for this monograph. A transcript appears in "The Massa- chusetts News."

      "[It's] [an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with...[and]to put you into an exploratory mode." [124] [Or- ganized by] The Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth, made up of homosexu- al activists from across the state, since 1992 the Commission has used the safe schools mantra and state money to persuade over 180 schools in Massachu- setts to accept the [Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)] clubs and their activities. Parents and others who offer any criticism of the programs are regularly accused of ho- mophobia and endangering students' safety. [125]

        While scientifically, biologically, there are no "gay" youth, society is ex-
periencing a major cultural surge in young bi/homosexuals. Subsequent in- creases in disease and in deaths of youth from AIDS automatically follow.


        The following strategies for crafting "gay" children, documents homo- sexuality as so unnatural, that it requires vigilant and organized wooing - to rival the very successful recruitment techniques of the United States Marines. Children, (labeled "initiates" as in prostitution or religion) are weaned from their "old fashioned" parents, "first into a self-affirming semi-secret group, then by col- lective socialization into a "gay" cultural system" [126] - a form of cult. Homophile, Frederick Lynch spells this out in his study,

      "The Role of Adult Advisors" in Gilbert Herdt's anthology, 'Gay Culture in
America.' [127] Hundreds of homosexual agitators, who range in age from twen- ty-three to the late forties [128] [to "aid" young initiates]. [W]hat has not been brought out fully in some other coming-out studies is the role of guide, teacher, or "helping hand" in either the signification state, the coming-out-stage, or both - the often benign and helpful role that older, more experienced, homosexual men play with regard to younger [males]. [129]


        In their 1978, 1994 New York University Press classic, 'Lavender Culture,' authors Jay and Young address "Gay Youth and the Question of Consent." I quote at length from this prestigious homosexual revolutionary manifesto, which candidly describes the organized gay campaign to recruit children. The homosexual movement has long advocated ending age-of-consent laws. [130] Shocked that the "gay" youth group he "guides" would not uphold the adult campaign to end the age of consent laws, Gerald Hannon says the boys will learn better soon:

      "Simply being young does not endow you with a perspective on social change. That has to be learned. Consciousness-raising is crucial - and if the Gay Youth Group isn't prepared quite yet to demand an abolition to age-of-con- sent laws, that's all right. But it's one of the things they're preparing for.[131][sic]
      "Why is sexual childhood necessary? By that I mean, why is it necessary to maintain the myth that children are not sexual beings? It is maintained, after all, in the face of rather massive evidence to the contrary. Infants in their cribs have orgasms - Kinsey documented them in babies less than a year old. [132] [T]he very concept of childhood is somewhat of a fabrication."

        During the recent gay conference in Toronto, the matter of age-of-consent laws surfaced for reconsideration. Their abolition is one of the demands of the National Gay Rights Coalition (NGRC) "...its contingent should contain a few teenagers - The question is where to get them. The answer, again, is to prosely- tize. At present, we do not have organizations that are chock-a-block full of young people...To attract young people to the gay movement in large numbers should be the challenge to the next phase of the movement. It is a challenge we have set ourselves."[133]


        Americans used to consider all bachelors with a jaundiced eye - those un- willing to commit to a woman and family - as suspect and potentially danger- ous. Now, as a result of gay proselytizing in nationwide schools, many homo- sexual groups are at last, "chock-a-block full of young people.""Adult advisors" also answer the challenge to what Hannon called the next phase, "to attract young people to the gay movement in large numbers." Child "initiates" are cour- ted; given a pseudo-home and family, welcomed, wooed, held and embraced, most too soon to die. Says Herdt:

        "[T]he adult advisors, in their twenties and thirties are around. The adoles- cent newcomer's reception is also unexpectedly warm, remarkably praising and positive, for advisers make every effort to acknowledge the courage of 'new people' in joining the group. Each person is loudly applauded  - all 'new people,' those who have come for four Saturdays or less, are ushered into a smaller separate room, where they huddle with one or two advisors as an isolate...  [134]
      "They laugh at 'straights,' derided as 'breeders,' [135]share clothes,are loaned money, have 'fun with friends, and adult-supervised learning' until:
      "[Their] seclusion past, they enter the larger Horizons' group as public ini- tiates. Their feeling of belonging makes the heterosexual conventions they must obey at home, school, or work seem unreal, as if they belong to another time and place - parents are a constant source of exasperation and amusement. [136]Children's past values of family and nation are treated with contempt and ri- diculed as narrow-minded and shallow."


        Cults commonly separate and isolate children from their parents and fami- ly members, those who might reveal to them the harm of their new "friends." Protective adults must attend to the "gay" press proclamation that, "the [erotic] love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality."[137] Herdt, editor of "Gay and Lesbian Youth," agreed. He explained that laws against adult sex with children are irrelevant, citing a female psychologist's view that as cul- ture shapes behavior, "age itself becomes an "'empty'" variable." [138]

        Herdt articulated the homosexual movement's call to eliminate the words "child or childhood" [139] from the vocabulary in "The Pedophile, The Journal of Pedophilia," while another homosexual academic notes some, "small boys are made into big strong men through pederasty. Aspiring initiates firmly believe this."[140]

        Role of "Coaches." Lynch says, "Indeed, in this study, five subjects [boys] were taken to bars or otherwise initiated into the gay subculture by men who were either the same age or older." Writing in 'After the Ball,' gay rights strate- gists Kirk and Madsen are candid about what commonly happens to boys in "gay bars," with "men" the "same age or older" than a teenage boy.

      "[U]nless we have a young, handsome face and tight body, and dress in fash- ionable clothing, the minute we step through the door of a gay bar we learn who the real queer bashers are: us. Every year, the ideals of countless naive, fresh- -faced youths are - metaphorically, if not literally - gang-raped in the bars by old- er, more cynical predators. Wanting to retrieve something from the ruin of their hopes - sooner or later, there they are - at the Greyhound bus station, waiting to greet the next busload of farm boys from Peoria. One very young New York City boy, homosexually active since puberty, spent his entire sixteenth birthday rid- ing trains through the city and weeping for his lost youth." [141]

        If taking boys into gay bars (illegal), where men pick up the youngsters for quickie sex is "benign," what does Lynch mean by, "otherwise initiated" into "the gay subculture," an old/new form of cult.


        The "gay" child requires sustained contact with one or more homosexual "coaches" to establish the child's "sexual identity as a homosexual," - to facili- tate "the process of coming out." [142] A critical read of these "gay" position pa- pers on youth identifies both unambiguous seduction, and the absence of any candid admissions of the massive, organized boy-prostitution traffic. For such adult "guides" and "advisors," as often as not, seek profit from using and sell- ing the boys' sexual favors. The critical reader - bearing in mind the boy prosti- tution traffic - ponders Lynch's three-stage initiation process:

º FIRST, is the "sensitization" stage -
a same-sex experience in "childhood or adolescence." [143]
(Here Lynch documents early sexual trauma as
normally causal in a homosexual outcome.)

º SECOND, is the "signification" stage -
when a child wonders about his or her heterosexuality
"in their late teens - or somewhat earlier -
usually by reading about homosexuality."
(A regular occurrence now in classroom
activity and via estab- lishment media.)  [144]

º Third is the "coming out" stage
(frequently at that gay bar, where
benign "advisors" bring their boys).

          "HELPING HANDS": [145]

        Herdt carelessly notes that many hundreds of homosexual "volunteers" who "range in age from twenty-three to the late forties" [146] act as "adult advi- sors" for these children. And, sociologist Fredrick Lynch adds;

      "[W]hat has not been brought out fully in some other coming out studies is the role of guide, teacher, or 'helping hand' in either the signification state, the coming-out-stage, or both - the often benign and helpful role that older, more experienced homosexual men play with regard to younger[males]."[147]
      "In the last decade there have been several homosexual kidnap-rape-cas- trations of boys, [148] including at least one infamous kidnapping, rape and de- capitation in 1981 of little Adam Walsh, by two homosexual 'lovers.' [149]Robin Lloyd provides a litany of police cases of boy sex murders. On point, one boy was picked up by two men - and castrated - Both men said they were homosex- ual. The older man worked as a counselor for the Helping Hands Community Center - a gay organization." [150]

        In yet another homosexual murder, a man mortally-stabbed a boy during sex, while in a common turn of events - seen often today in homosexual mur- ders - a boy, apparently sodomized for years by "a former social worker," stabbed the elderly man to death, [151] - neither story covered by the establish- ment media. And, bearing in mind that older boys often initiate younger child- ren into the affluent homosexual life of pornography and prostitution, Lloyd cites one "gay youth," who fatally stabbed a youngster for rebuffing "the el- der's sexual advance." [152] Says Lloyd, "Stories of violence like these are com- monplace" in the "gay" world.[153] Indeed, although unreported by the main- stream media, a recent DoJ report finds that male juveniles were the offenders in 40% of "the sexual assaults of children under age 12."[154]


        A small press item noted that the major "gay youth" counseling agency, "Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services" (GLASS), routinely abused child- ren in their "five group homes." The group's license was "put on probation for five years." The "Washington Times" reported:

        "[S]taff members, members of the GLASS board of directors, and volun- teers sexually abused or molested children. A night supervisor was accused
of sodomy and threatening children, while a volunteer gave children dildos and made pornographic magazines." [155]

        Rare indeed is a report of the common role of pornography in sex crimes against children. The nonchalantly brazen savagery toward these children suggests that this kind of conduct may be common for those who "counsel" with "gay youth." The GLASS director, staff and volunteers believed their own Kinseyan propaganda, that children are sexual from birth and that "gay" child- ren are unharmed by perverse sex with adults. In a similar case of "social work- ers" abusing needy children, Ron Berry, a powerful black "civil-rights leader who founded a non-profit agency to help poor youths," was recently convicted of child abuse, after three decades of sodomizing scores of boys in his care in the Mexico City Government Program in Lexington, Kentucky. [156] The very tenacious black attorney, Gayle Slaughter, responsible for obtaining the evid- ence, which led to Berry's conviction stated:

      "[C]hild sex abuse is a problem of global proportions.  primarily because of fraudulent data used by the late Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey put[ting] children at great risk for sex abuse.  Some European communities have lowered the age of
consent to 12 years. [T]raining manuals for law enforcement agencies say that whenever one pedophile is uncovered in a community, there are usually other pedophiles present there."[157]

        One testimony disclosed allegations of an overnight out-of-state trip where a bus load of homosexuals were granted access to a dormitory of Lexington black teen males [where they engaged in] ongoing harassment through sexual verbiage, which intimidated both male and female teens. [158]

        And, in The Franklin Cover-Up, "Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Ne- braska," Former State Senator John DeCamp documents another massive bi/ homosexual child sex ring stretching from Lincoln, Nebraska to federal legisla- tors in Washington, D.C. [159]

        The "Arizona Republic Phoenix" cites a gym teacher given 88 years for a- busing at least five boys. The jury apparently disagreed with his attorney who said research shows molested children often have no ill effects. The "Seattle
Post-Intelligence Reporter" cited a local Boy Scout volunteer convicted on "several counts of child molestation" of 12-year-old boys, [160] and so on and on and on.  Unfortunately, while many of these children have run away from dis- tant, hostile or even brutal parents, on the evidence, with exceptions, children are safer even with such families than with lonely, sexually unstable and ex- ploitive adults.

        Adult "Guides," "Teachers." On the one hand it has taken organizational commitment, planning and effort to cultivate and initiate the current crop of bi/ homosexual youth.  However, on the other hand homosexuality (bisexuality and transgendered) is the only extant sexuality cult receiving both tax dollars and di- rect access to school children, with laws protecting "PROJECT 10" type teach- ers and with penalties for protesters.  The advisor, guide, teacher, or "helping hand" aids recruitment and limits potential escapees during all stages of initia- tion of children into bi/homosexuality.[161] Employing the language of religion and ritual, Professor Herdt says adult-led gay youth groups direct the: adoles- cent's entry first into a self-affirming semisecret group, then by collective socia- lization into a "gay" cultural system.[162] [Men] seclude and protect the youths, furthering their initiation - which socializes them further into the cultural system of the gay community [163]

        These "adolescent" initiates range, Herdt explains, "from fourteen to just under twenty-one." [164] Normal youth structures, like schools, exclude "youths" by age 18 and restrict children to their same age peer groups to avoid exploi- tation or domination of younger children.  On point, the US Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report on juvenile criminals states that nowhere in the na- tional penal system is over 18-years identified as "youth." Only within the alleg- edly non-libidinous world of homosexual youth recruitment are men redefined as minors past their teen years.

        In three States, all offenders age 16 or older are excluded from the juvenile
system and handled in adult court.  In 10 States, all offenders age 17 or older are automatically proceeded against in adult court.  In the remaining 37 States and the District of Columbia, all defendants age 18 or older are processed as adults in criminal court. [165]

        Lest we continue to believe in fairies and Peter Pan, in 1997 the BJS re- ports 4,510 largely male felons, under 18 years old, admitted to State prison for violent offenses - this includes statutory and forcible rape, as well as murder. [166] Children being "initiated" by older juveniles, adults or over 18 "youths" are in a very dangerous environment indeed, a fact of which "gay" advocates and recruiters would be well aware.

        Again, scientifically, there are no genetically-born gay youth.  Many school
administrators who accept the carefully fabricated myths that have initiated
"Project 10" and other alleged "gay youth" programs, have done so believing that a) so called "gay" youth commit suicide more than other youth and b) that these suicides are a result of the lack of acceptance of their gayness rather than the children's traumatic lives which routinely includes early sexual abuse.

        But, these "advisors" are not the children's parents, and many, as noted, if
not most, are on record as selfishly interested in "helping" these boys - in the form of obtaining sexual favors and/or economic rewards. The massive boy prostitution industry, servicing a significant percentage of the affluent homo- sexual community is, prime facie, organized by their elders. Yet, such stories are rarely reported to the public by the media.

VII. THE 1999 U.S.

        During my U.S. Department of Justice study, Images of Children, Crime and Violence in "Playboy," "Penthouse" and "Hustler" (1982-1985), I was stunned to find no national sex assault data for victims under age 12.  Although an ag- gregate of anecdotal, testimonial and small independent studies confirmed a growing epidemic of child sexual abuse by adults and older children, the na- tion's most vulnerable were "hidden victims" of our sexual revolution.  The offi- cial DoJ data estimate is that, apparently from age 12 upward, "130,000 child- ren are sexually abused" annually [167] while a new DoJ study (below) finally ad- mits to massive child sex abuse of children under age 12 - with "Child Victims" reporting boys as fully 63.5% of reported forcible sodomy victims between age 0-11 years.